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B C Pharma is one of the fastest growing and leading manufacturers of Digestive churan which helps you to keep your immune and digestive system healthy. BCP BAJAJ has marked its presence with some very significant achievements and today defines itself in the market with the best leadership status all over the world in manufacturing of Churan Goli, Ayurvedic and digestive tablets. Founded by Mr. Shyam Sunder Bajaj, this venture started in the year 1964 with Churan trading and then further diversified to offer its own product range by establishing its own brand name which is known as B C Pharma. Under our umbrella we have a passion, brilliant and master connoisseurs for manufacturing of Quality Products. Our highly skilled and dedicated team has over 50 years of experience in sourcing, buying, designing and implementing the latest technology as a result of which we are one of the best, most advanced and integrated manufacturing facility having Automatic Plant & Machinery setup. BCP Bajaj Aam Pachak, BCP Bajaj Bajajmora, BCP Bajaj Amala Pachak, BCP Bajaj Hingoli, BCP Bajaj Tasty Tikiya etc. are some of our renowned products. Our products are prepared from fresh extracts of the ingredients and in a dust free and hygienic environment. One pop of BCP Bajaj Bajajmora or BCP Bajaj Aampachak gives a refreshing flavour and stimulates the digestive power as well. Our products being healthy are highly cherished by people of all age group which makes us say. 'ANY TIME ANYWHERE CHOICE OF ALL' . We believe that customers' satisfaction is our first responsibility and we emphasize on maintaining its quality and taste. We provide our consumers with innovative products within their easy reach and are trying to build a platform which enables Bajaj to become a global Ayurvedic Leader.