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Your favourite Aam Pachak keeps you healthy too!!

We all have grown up eating one of our favourite snacks from childhood “AAM PACHAK”. As kids and even till now we eat it for the taste without knowing anything about the benefits it has to the human body. We, the team of BCP BAJAJ take it as our primary responsibility to educate our customers about the health benefits of this amazing product.
aam pachak
  • RICH IN VITAMIN-A, B-COMPLEX VITAMINS & DIETARY FIBER: BCP BAJAJ AAM PACHAK is a rich source of vitamin-A, B-complex vitamins & Dietary Fiber. Vitamin-A is an antioxidant which protects the eyes from night blindness. It also lowers the risk of acne, supports a healthy immune system & bone health. B-complex vitamins help in healthy brain function, increase energy levels, increase red blood cells & better digestion. The product doesn’t have any added colors or preservatives & is made from original dried mango.
  • REDUCES FAT CONTENT IN BODY: BCP BAJAJ AAM PACHAK being rich in vitamin-A reduces fat content in the body. Vitamin-A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is stored in the liver. It is important to consume it on a daily basis to ensure good health because a human body gets plenty of pro vitamin-A. B-Complex vitamin helps in controlling the appetite and converts food into energy.
  • AIDS IN DIGESTION: BCP BAJAJ AAM PACHAK being rich in B-complex vitamins leads to good digestion. B-Complex Vitamin helps in controlling the appetite and converts food into energy. It contains all the eight B vitamins nutritional supplements which is demanded by the body in various factors like age, pregnancy, dietary choices and medication. Therefore, BCP BAJAJ AAM PACHAK is the best suitable product to fulfill all the basic necessities required by a healthy functioning human body.
  • HELPS IN BUILDING BODY FOR THE ANEMIC PATIENTS: BCP BAJAJ AAM PACHAK being rich in B-complex vitamins increases red blood cells. Anemia is a condition where the blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells (RBCs) or hemoglobin. It can be treated through healthy dietary changes.
  • ZERO TOXINS FOR A HEALTHY GUT: Undigested food leads to ama (toxin) formation in the stomach which causes various digestive issues. BCP BAJAJ AAM PACHAK ensures a happy-healthy gut by preventing the formation of ama (toxins) and stimulates agni (digestive fire). Its natural ingredients promote the production of digestive enzymes and ensure the proper elimination of waste.
aam pachak
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